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About Margaret Maier  Canada’s Natural Healing and Detox Specialist and her ‘Healing From The Inside Out’ treatments:


“Seeing is believing. I’m very skeptical when it comes to quackery and I don’t come to ‘believe’ very easily but after seeing the wonderful results that my friends and my wife were having, I had to try the ionic cleansing for myself. And who better to administer this cleansing than Margaret. Within just a few minutes of starting the treatment Margaret noted the colour of the water and pointed out thatmy joints were being treated. I was amazed. Years ago I had a bad fall on my left knee. Ever since then my left knee and hip have been giving me grief but since this first treatment my knee has been about 80% better and my hip is 100% better. No pain at all. After one single treatment. I guess I don’t have to give up hockey after all.”

Dave Falle, Stittsville, Ontario

Ionic Cleanse for Fibromyalgia

“I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for several years. The detox cleanse has loosened up my muscles. There is no more tightness in my body and my arms and legs feel so much better. I highly recommend this cleanse.”

Kathy M., Retired nurse

Detox Reduced Allergy Symptoms

“After moving to Windsor, I developed severe allergies. Fortunately, detoxing has lessened my sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes. Even during peek pollen periods, I have been able to mow my lawn. There is no question, that the detox treatments have reduced my allergies significantly.”

Dr. John Wellman,, Chiropractor

No More Knee Pain

“Much of the pain I was feeling in my knees, legs and went away after I began detoxification treatments with Margaret. After two months, the pain in my knees completely disappeared. Margaret also educated me about healthy eating. It’s been quite a knowledge journey Margaret, and I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

Cindy Nichols, Administrator

Comfortable and Safe Working with Margaret

“I feel very comfortable discussing my health issues and concerns with Margaret. She always provides me with useful advice. She definitely cares. I can’t wait for my next appointment.”

Maranda K., Admin staffer

Detox Cleared Acne

“After one treatment, I noticed that the acne on my back and shoulders improved. I haven’t had success like that in years. I recommend this detox treatment for anyone  suffering from acne, rashes or other skin problems.”


Luke C., Software developer

Crohn’s Disease, Stopped Stomach Bloating, Better Digestion

“I have suffered from Crohn’s disease for more than 10 years. Just one detox treatment reduced my stomach bloating and improved my ability to digest food.”


S. Varma, Student

Joint Pain Alleviated

“…The repetitive work I did for 14 years on an automotive plant assembly line wore out my shoulder and arm joints. My knees were so sore that I limped and winced with pain. Since beginning detox treatments, the pain has disappeared!”

Greg Bortolotto, Retired automotive worker and auto rep

Knee Pain

“I have lived with grinding pain and stiffness in my knees for more than 10 years. As my symptoms grew worse, I turned to 800 mg of Motrin five times per week to kill the pain. After three detox treatments, my pain has been reduced to the extent that I no longer need to take the Motrin.”


Randy Reaume,, Retired plant manager

Detox helps Back Pain

“I plant shrubs, flowers and trees for a living. As a result, I have suffered from back pain for years. After several detox treatments, my back pain is no longer a problem.”

Lisa M., Landscaper

Detox More Energy and Less Pain after Only 3 Treatments

“Twelve years ago, I broke 22 bones in a car accident. Those injuries coupled with sports injuries suffered during my college years left me in bad shape. After the third detox treatment, I felt more energetic and the pain in both my knees and back began to lessen. I’m looking forward to my next session.


Jerry Revenberg, Manager

Detox for Kidney Pain

“I was unable to bend down because my kidneys hurt so much. After just one detox treatment, my pain disappeared.”

Lisa W., Saleswoman

Stopped Taking Allergy Medication

“Thanks to the detox treatments, I have been able to stop taking my allergy medication!”

Rheem K., Aesthetician

Better Sleep

“For the first time in a long time, I slept all night! The detox treatment really works!!”

Rose M., School board employee


Golfing Injury

“I came to see Margaret after a golfing injury led to muscle spasms in my neck and left shoulder that limited the use of my left arm. I also had considerable discomfort in my lower back and hips. Using a computer and driving between client sites made this painful condition even worse. Margaret’s unique acupressure massage helped improve my blood flow, circulation and eliminated the stiffness, tightness and severe pain in my arm and back. With regular visits, I have continued to be pain free. I’m now more active and feel healthier as a result of receiving massage and regular detoxification sessions. Stretching and following Margaret’s core strength exercise recommendations have also helped. I am happy to tell my friends and colleagues about Margaret’s services because she is such a “results oriented” health care professional. ”

D. James Lauber, TI Consultants Grafton Inc., Gatineau, Quebec

Excellent Massage Treatments

“You’re in good hands with Margaret! Her massage treatments are excellent. She does a thorough job and knows which areas of the body to work for maximum benefit. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy combine to make each treatment well worth my time. I highly recommend her. ”

Michel Pouliot, Registered Massage Therapist, GoodLife Fitness


Overcoming Serious Accident without Medication

“Following a serious accident, I became preoccupied, fearful and stressed. My negative thoughts were holding me back. What drew me to EFT was my desire to get well without taking prescription drugs.
Margaret proved to be trustworthy, intuitive and highly skilled at focusing on the issues that helped me to move forward. Today, I’m happier and even more confident. EFT has even had a positive effect on my professional life.”

H. Rothman, Real Estate, Ottawa

Overcoming Rape, Trauma and Childhood Abuse Memories

“As a young girl, I was raped twice! Those experiences left me traumatized, feeling powerless and fearful of the same thing happening again. To compensate, I flirted with men under the mistaken belief that this behavior would put me in control.
Margaret helped me work through the events of my childhood, and the feelings of helplessness and blame that followed. I came to realize that as a girl, I had been brought up to believe that men were expected to abuse woman. After all, my mother had been completely dominated by my abusive and alcoholic father. Based on my experience with EFT, I now believe that no one has the right to hurt or abuse me. Today, I feel an inner strength and believe in myself. Not surprisingly, my relationships with men, including my boss, have improved dramatically.”

Name withheld for privacy reasons

Overcoming Sugar Addiction and Achieving Permanent Weight Loss

“While Margaret helped me work through many issues using EFT, I’m especially happy with the success I achieved in one particular area: my lifelong need to eat desserts and sweet snacks. Needless to say, my sugar fixation also caused me to gain a lot of weight! During an EFT session, Margaret encouraged me to explore the reasons why I had developed a fondness for sweets. It all boiled down to the fact that my mother loved to back. With Margaret’s help, I was able to realize that eating baked goods was my way of trying to feel close to her after she died. It was also a way to keep my good memories of her alive. Once I became aware of those simple truths, I was able to get the craving for baked goods out of my system. Now, I can think about my Mom and celebrate out time together without sugar.”

Sandy White, Finance Manager

Effective Personal Coach

“I first came to Margaret for acupressure massage and detoxification, but I soon discovered that she’s also an effective personal coach. Using EFT, Margaret helped me become more organized and productive. For example, I’m now more motivated to tackle the administrative tasks that I used to find tedious and boring. I’ve also broken free of my negative beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my financial goals. Thank you Margaret.”

Darryl Bandoro, Private Wealth Specialist, Ottawa

A Profound and Permanent Sense of Self, Confidence and Esteem

“My relationship with my father has always been difficult. As a teenager, I feared his need for complete power over me as well as his constant criticism. Eventually, I broke off contact. On the occasions when I relented and got back in touch again, the scenario always played out the same way. He would criticize me and I would retreat to my little girl behavior and breakdown and cry. At work, I reacted the same way to my boss. If he was demanding, I would cave in, rather than stand up for myself. This behavior further diminished my already low sense of self-esteem and confidence. During EFT sessions with Margaret, I became aware that my father’s behavior was like that of a spoiled little boy. I was also able to tap into old memories and cut the emotional strings that enabled him to control me. Since then, my relationship with my father has improved. I can stand up to him now without feeling fearful or guilty. And I no longer end phone conversations with him in anger or tears. Today, I see him differently. He’s an elderly man who can be grumpy, but he’s no longer the monster who used to reduce me to a puddle. Thanks to EFT, I have regained my self-esteem and confidence. And I have a better working relationship with my boss as well.”

Name withheld for privacy reasons


“Margaret is a very engaging speaker who presents with passion, authenticity and humour. The way she shares her story about overcaminge two life-threatening illnesses in short succession is inspiring. Be warned. You’ll leave the room with the urge to investigate every product in your home.”

Dr. Michael Gibson , Doctor of Chiropractic, The Wellness Group. VP Operations I Life by Design Inc., Kanata, Ontario

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