Holistic Services provided by Margaret Maier (Maggie) Canada’s Natural Healing and Detox Specialist at Naturally You

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Hair and Mineral Analysis
Nutritional Balancing Science
Ionic Cleanse Body Detox
Acupressure Massage
EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique
Canada’s Natural Healing and Detox Specialist Speaker
Holistic/Mental Health Workshops
Pet Ionic Cleanse Detox
Pet Acupressure Massage

Why Choose Canada’s Natural Healing and Detox Specialist?

Margaret Maier (Maggie) is a:

      • Sought after specialist in environmental health
      • Hair and Mineral testing/Nutritional balancing science facilitator
      • Ionic cleanse detoxification specialist
      • Trained Chinese acupressure masseuse
      • PRO EFT practitioner
      • Public speaker

Most importantly, Margaret (Maggie) was a patient first. Through years of training, research and trials she has come to understand first-hand how all of these things interfere with our health and well-being. It is her aim to help you heal from the inside out.

What Client’s Say

Much of the pain I was feeling in my knees, legs and feet went away after I began detoxification treatments with Margaret. After two months, the pain in my knees completely disappeared. Each time I experience the detoxification treatment, I always feel better and so much more energized. She has also educated me about healthy eating. It’s been quite a ‘knowledge journey’ Margaret, and I owe you a debt of gratitude.
Cindy Nichols, Urbandale
Following a serious accident, I became preoccupied, fearful and stressed. My negative thoughts were holding me back. What drew me to EFT was my desire to get well without taking prescription drugs.
Margaret proved to be trustworthy, intuitive and highly skilled at focusing on the issues that helped me to move forward. Today, I’m happier and even more confident. EFT has even had a positive effect on my professional life.
H Rothman, Real Estate
I first came to Margaret for acupressure massage and detoxification, but I soon discovered that she’s also an effective personal coach. Using EFT, Margaret helped me become more organized and productive. For example, I’m now more motivated to tackle the administrative tasks that I used to find tedious and boring. I’ve also broken free of my negative beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my financial goals. Thank you Margaret.
Darryl Bandora, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers