Pet Acupressure Massage

Acupressure Massage Works For Your Pet!

Have your pet acupressure massaged to avoid future issues like joint, hip and leg pain or arthritis.

Reduce your pet’s current muscle or joint pain and help him or her lose weight.

Studies reveal that roughly 25 percent of overweight dogs develop serious complications. It affects the bones, joints, muscles, associated tendons, and ligaments. Pet Acupressure Massage can improve the overall fluidity of joint movement. For example, massaging overweight dogs stimulate their lymphatic fluid, helps their range of motion and circulation.

Your pet can benefit from acupressure massage in many other ways:

•    Release stress and tension
•    Relax tight back, hip, leg, shoulder and neck muscles
•    Promote calmness and aid in emotional adjustment
•    Improve muscle tone and metabolic efficiency
•    Increase flexibility and range of motion
•    Increase performance level at shows and events
•    Reduce recovery time from surgery and speed the healing process
•    Relieve pain and discomfort naturally, without the use of drugs
•    Stimulate circulation and increase oxygenation in the muscles and tissues
•    Prevent injury
•    Reveal problems before they become more severe or chronic
•    Maintain health and wellness

Pet Acupressure Massage being performed on a large dog

Book your pet acupressure massage today with Margaret at 613-599-9483.

Book a session and give your pet a new lease on life. It’s only $1.00 per minute and let your pet decide when he/she has had enough. They actually do. It’s fascinating to watch.

Margaret will be more than happy to answer any of your questions about this wonderful treatment for your beloved pet.