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My Story

Margaret Maier
Margaret MaierCanada’s Natural Healing and Detox Specialist | Entrepreneur | Holistic| Mental Health Practitioner and Speaker
Margaret Maier is Canada’s natural healing and detox specialist. A sought after specialist in environmental health, hair and mineral testing, nutritional balancing science and ionic cleanse detoxification. She is a trained Chinese acupressure masseuse, PRO EFT practitioner (US) and speaker.

Margaret regularly educates her clients about how toxic chemicals, mineral imbalances, stress, poor diet and addictions affect their physical, mental and emotional health.

Canada’s Natural Healing and Detox Specialist, Margaret Maier, is an entrepreneur, holistic|mental health practitioner and speaker.

In her early 20’s, she created her first business as an international marketing and trade consultant in Toronto.

However, it would be her future illnesses that resulted in her creating a second venture, Naturally You’ based in Ottawa.

Margaret is a very engaging speaker who presents with passion, authenticity, and humour. The way she shares her story about overcoming two life-threatening illnesses in short succession is inspiring. Be warned. You’ll leave the room with the urge to investigate every product in your home.
Much of the pain I was feeling in my knees, legs and feet went away after I began detoxification treatments with Margaret. After two months, the pain in my knees completely disappeared. Each time I experience the detoxification treatment, I always feel better and so much more energized. She has also educated me about healthy eating. It’s been quite a ‘knowledge journey’ Margaret, and I owe you a debt of gratitude.
Cindy Nichols, Administrator, Urbandale

Margaret continued to develop her treatment programs while working at the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control at Health Canada. As a consultant to Health Canada, Margaret consolidated research from medical/environmental doctors, government officials, not-for-profit organizations, and patients concerned with environmentally related illnesses.

Margaret has travelled extensively around the world, including Central, South and North America, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and Africa researching and teaching about alternative, yet effective ways of healing the body and mind.

Margaret talks about her recovery from alcoholism.

Learn how Margaret identified and removed toxic chemicals that were contributing to her cancer.

Some of Margaret’s highlights

Traveled the world, researching and teaching about effective alternative methods for healing the body and the mind.
As a special consultant to the Minister of National Defence, Margaret addressed environmental illness, gulf war syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the Canadian military.
Margaret developed thyroid cancer, which she overcame–all naturally. This was the second of 2 life-threatening illnesses that propelled Margaret into the holistic field of study. 
Margaret continues to volunteer her time with the Mental Illness Caregivers Association (MICA) in Ottawa.

Canada’s natural healing and detox specialist is committed to your well-being

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Healing from the Inside Out

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