Margaret chose to heal her cancer naturally

Margaret Identified and Removed Toxic Chemicals from her body

In 2008, Margaret faced another deadly and very scary health crisis—a diagnosis of papillary thyroid cancer!

Her hair and mineral test results  showed unusually high levels of lead, arsenic and antimony in her body. Many of her critical minerals (chromium, selenium, zinc, iron) were far below acceptable levels.

Then her doctor advised her to have her thyroid surgically removed.

Margaret chose instead, to heal herself, naturally. She followed an intense detoxification, acupressure massage and diet regime. This included weekly ionic cleanses, acupuncture sessions with doses of hormone balancing natural herbs.

This time, the results she received were excellent. A biopsy revealed that Margaret’s cancer cells were no longer present.

Imagine that! In less than six months, she was cancer free without any radiation, chemotherapy or surgical removal of her thyroid.