Ionic Cleanse Body Detox Photos

PLEASE NOTE: Some people may find these photos a bit graphic. You can read more information on the ionic cleanse body detox. For those who like to see the actual process continue down the page.

Ionic Cleanse Body Detox Photos

Beginning of Cleanse-clear-water


The water is clear. The process has just begun and there is nothing in the water
Zero removal of toxins, chemicals or waste material

In middle of cleanse Legs-Facing-lots-of-gunk-orangey-brown


Detoxifying the joints, muscles and tissues
Yeast and lymphatic fluid removal
Black flecks indicate toxic chemicals

At the end of Ionic-Cleanse-very-dark-water-gunk-on-side


Detoxifying the liver
Eliminating waste and cellular debris
Bubbles represent stress in the body
Toxic chemical removal


Palm of the hand one day prior to the Ionic Cleanse


Palm of the hand one day after to the Ionic Cleanse


Palm of the hand three days after to the Ionic Cleanse


Photo #1 the white flecks are worms in the water after ionic cleanse process


Photo #2 showing  white worms in the water after ionic cleanse process


Photo #3 showing fewer white worms in the water after ionic cleanse process

no more worms-from-human-detox-ionic-cleanse-4-naturally-you

Photo #4 showing NO MORE worms in the water after ionic cleanse process


NOTE: The dark colour of the debris from a client that has cancer

3-women-show their footbaths after-finishing-chemotherapy-radiation-treatments-re-cancer

3 Women came in to get Ionic Cleanse Body Detox together. Here are their footbaths after finishing their chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer