EFT  Emotional Freedom Techniques

What is holding you back? 

Most of us have negative thoughts, insecurities, doubts and internal resistance to change, even when we KNOW it would be good for us. As a result, there are areas in our lives, that we know need to change, but we are resistant to making those changes—usually out of fear. Change that with ETF Emotional Freedom Techniques!

EFT  Emotional Freedom Techniques: Break free from negative past.

It is our past memories that can keep us stuck in pessimism and fear due to our experiences, childhood events, abuse or trauma.

Years of conditioning and negative thinking keep us “stuck” in toxic relationships, jobs we hate, poor performance, unhealthy eating, weight gain and failure to take better care of ourselves. Most importantly, it can result in physical illness, disease, depression/anxiety/obsessive compulsive disorder, lack of confidence, poor self-esteem, weight gain, addictions and an inability to truly achieve the abundance, serenity and happiness we are meant to have.

Break free from negative emotions

One of my resiliency techniques, also called Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a powerful, results-oriented transformative tool that can bring about positive, lasting and long term change. At the very core, it releases your fears and can positively change your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns and performance.

By releasing unhealthy thoughts and behaviours, you choose which positive beliefs you would rather have instead, finally allowing yourself to make the changes necessary to achieve your particular emotional, physical, mental or performance goals.

Break free from insecurity and self-doubt

This process permanently and effectively releases the resistance you are feeling to change and helps you get unstuck.

More importantly, it will transform a negative belief pattern into a positive one, dramatically impacting your motivation and desire for even more positive change.

Break from past regrets and procrastination

As a US PRO EFT Practitioner (Level 1, 2 and 3 trained by Lindsay Kenny, California), Margaret has been working with private and public sector clients for over 9 years on a wide variety of issues including:

  • Lack of money, confidence and self-esteem
  • Eating disorders—Food addictions
  • Stress, procrastination and emotional under/over eating
  • Other addictions stemming from emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • Trauma, anxiety/depression and obsessive compulsive disorder

Reach your goals by releasing stress and negative emotions

Cells have memory and it’s those memories that keep us stuck in our past. This procedure of “tapping” on certain parts of the body unblocks these memories and allows us to slowly and safely bring them up from our subconscious to our conscious mind. This is NOT hypnosis. You are awake and totally in charge all the way through!


This process permanently and effectively releases the resistance you are feeling to change and helps you get “unstuck”. It also unblocks unhealthy negating thinking and behaviours allowing you to choose positive beliefs you would rather have instead. This creates a ‘new’ internal default which allows you to make the changes necessary to achieve your particular emotional, physical, mental or performance goals. Going forward, your new belief system motivates you forward with even more momentum and positivism.

Happy people are more successful and prosperous

Let’s face it, the safer and happier you feel, the greater is the likelihood you will reach your dreams and full potential!

Which goal would you like to focus on now?

Whatever level or goal you wish to reach—greater health, more money, personal happiness, a greater sense of peace and well-being, love, self-confidence, patience, improved work or family relationships—EFT WORKS!

Let Margaret, a certified PRO EFT practitioner guide you through a personal transformative journey—one  which you will never forget!

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Breaking Free from Negative Beliefs

I first came to Margaret for acupressure massage and detoxification, but I soon discovered that she’s also an effective personal coach. Using EFT, Margaret helped me become more organized and productive. For example, I’m now more motivated to tackle the administrative tasks that I used to find tedious and boring.
I’ve also broken free of my negative beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my financial goals. Thank you Margaret

Darryl Bandora, Private Market Specialist, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers, Ottawa

Happier and more Self-Confident in my Professional Life

Following a serious accident, I became preoccupied, fearful and stressed. My negative thoughts were holding me back. What drew me to EFT was my desire to get well without taking prescription drugs.
Margaret proved to be trustworthy, intuitive and highly skilled at focusing on the issues that helped me to move forward. Today, I’m happier and even more confident. EFT has even had a positive effect on my professional life.

H. Rothman, Real Estate Ottawa

Rape, Abuse and The Connection with Negative Childhood Beliefs

As a young girl, I was raped twice! Afterwards, I was left traumatized, powerless and fearing that it could happen again. In an effort to feel powerful and in control, I flirted with men. In a strange way, I was convinced this behavior ensured that I would always remain in control of men and my relationships with them.
When I was raped, I felt I had no control and that somehow it was my fault these men had abused and hurt me. If only I had been smarter, I thought to myself, I could have prevented it.
Working through this with Margaret, I came to realize that as a young girl, I had been brought up to believe that men were expected to abuse women to get what they wanted. After all, my mother had been completely dominated by my abusive and alcoholic father.
Through EFT, I now firmly believe that no one has the right to hurt or exercise abuse over me. Now, I carry an inner strength and belief in myself. And, not surprisingly, my relationships with men, including my boss, have improved dramatically.

Name withheld for privacy reasons

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